Rutgers University's 7th annual women-centric hackathon

HackHERS 2021 is the seventh iteration of Rutgers University's annual, women-centric hackathon. On February 20-21, hundreds of students from colleges throughout the U.S. will virtually come together for 24 hours to turn their ideas into reality. HackHERS is organized by Rutgers Women in Computer Science, in collaboration with the Douglass Project for Women in STEM. 

Attendees will enjoy a weekend of awesome tech, food, swag, workshops, and mini-events while learning from distinguished speakers, inspiring mentors, and peers. Students will come together and get involved in learning, planning, and developing projects– ranging from web applications to hardware hacks–with the ultimate goal offostering growth and productivity among women who want to code. 

We want to create a space where women feel empowered to create with code and explore tech culture, and we invite everyone to help us achieve that.

*We use the inclusive definition of “women” and “female” and welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people.

Hackers can register here.

Mentors can register here.

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$2,616 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

Given to the team with the most innovative, functional and well-designed hack.

Each winning team member will receive a Nintendo Switch Lite.

For Women, By Women

We love seeing women empowering other women through technology! Whether it’s for equality in the workplace, women’s health, or anything else you can think of, this prize category is for women empowering each other. Given to the team with the best hack that empowers women.

Each winning team member will receive a Generation 4 Amazon Echo Dot.

Best Space Hack

The theme this year is space, and we want to bring out your inner astronaut! Given to the team with the best space-themed hack.

Each winning team member will receive a galaxy light projector.

Best First Time Hack

A Year of Leetcode PremiumIs this your first time attending a hackathon or creating a hack? For all those who came here just starting to code, we encourage you to keep building things and learning. This is just the start of a truly rewarding journey.

Each winning team member will receive a year of Leetcode Premium.

*To be eligible for this category, at least half of the team has to be first-time hackers. We want to encourage all first-time hackers to submit their creations.

Best UI/UX Hack

Given to the team with the hack displaying the best user interface and offering an optimal user experience.

Each winning team member will receive a Wacom tablet.

Funniest Hack

Hackathons aren’t all work and no play. This prize is for the inner class clown in you! Win something silly to take home by making us laugh until we fall! Given to the team with the funniest hack.

Each winning team member will receive a year of Disney+ OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Best Political Hack

Inspired by this election season? Use technology to build solutions to pressing civic problems! Given to the team with the most unique political-themed hack.

Each winning team member will receive COMISO waterproof wireless speakers.

Best Failed Attempt Hack

We want to encourage and motivate all aspiring hackers to submit their creations! Given to the team with the best attempt at a hack that might not have gone as planned.

Each winning team member will receive a Tile Pro.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Individuals who are undergraduate or graduate students
  • Must be registered as a hacker (
  • We urge allies who wish to participate in our event to consider our mission statement before registering and know that by doing so, they pledge to follow our Code of Conduct.


A valid submission is a software or hardware hack produced at HackHERS 2020, from start to finish.

Make your project, submit your hack including your entire codebase (ex. Github repository link) to Devpost and attend the HackHERS expo to show off what you built. You must submit on Devpost in order to be eligible for prizes and include a link to a video demo (maximum 3 minutes).

Remember to include all your team member names, up to 4 people.

Be sure to indicate what category you are competing for.




Judging Criteria

  • Application
    Does the project have any feasible application in real life? Does it seem like something that someone could use or would actually have a benefit in the real world?
  • Functionality/Quality
    Is the project free of major bugs? Does it look appealing? The UI/UX doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, but if we're having a hard time understanding the project by looking at it, there may be a problem.
  • Creativity
    We want hackers to create a project that makes you say “wow” and tell all your friends about it. We're looking for projects that think so far outside the box that you begin to wonder why there was a box at all in the first place.
  • Technical Complexity
    In only 24 hours, hackers manage to build projects with remarkably complex infrastructures built on excitingly advanced frameworks. We hope to see projects that are really running some beautiful code or hardware under the hood.
  • Social Impact
    We're looking for hacks that seem crazy, the moonshots that seem out of this world, and the blueprints for change that will impact future generations in humanity's most pressing areas of concern in the coming years.


  • Fintech
  • Machine Learning/ AI
  • Social Good